Cherry Blossom Jelly Mousse🌸

It’s the cherry blossom (also known as “sakura”) season in Japan and you’ll start seeing many cafes and restaurants in Japan offering desserts made out of cherry blossoms. They’re actually quite easy to make at home as long as you have the right ingredients. To enjoy the flowery aroma and taste at home, check out the recipe below!


Bottom Layer
Cherry blossom paste 100 gram
Milk 200 ml
Heavy cream 100 ml
Cream cheese 50 gram
Gelatin powder 5 gram
Strawberries 6 pieces
Pickled cherry blossom 2
Top Layer
Hot water (about 70 degrees Celsius) 200 ml
Gelatin powder 3 gram
Sugar 2 table spoon
Cherry blossom syrup 2 table spoon



1.Let’s make the bottom layer first! Start heating the pot and add milk and cherry blossom paste. Mix the paste well until it dissolves.

2.After the paste dissolves, add 5 gram gelatin powder and mix well.

3.Whip the heavy cream until it forms soft peaks. Add cream cheese and whip more.

4.Add the wet ingredients from step 2 into step 3 and mix well.

5.Slice the strawberries thinly and use it to decorate your cup

6.Pour mixture into the cup until it covers the strawberries and chill in the fridge until the mixture sets.

7.Rinse the picked cherry blossoms into fresh water to remove excess salt and soak for few minutes. Gently pat dry the petals on paper towels.

8.Add all the ingredients for top layer into a bowl and mix well.

9.Pour the mixture into a wide, flat container and chill in fridge until the mixture hardens.

10.Use a fork and mix the gel randomly.

11.Place the gel on top of the mousse and gently place the dried cherry blossom on top.

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