Matcha Green Tea Pudding flavored with Cherry Blossom Petals

This green tea pudding is mixed with the flowery aroma taken directly from cherry blossoms, a delicious combination to enjoy springtime. Steps shown below are very similar to making a normal pudding. If you don’t have any heavy milk, just replace it with milk. Green tea powder can occasionally clump together to create small clumps, so be sure to use a strainer to create a smooth texture. As topping, I’ve added foam milk with dried raspberries, but this can be replaced with anything else. Other suggestions are pistachio or even more green tea powder! When creating milk foam, try using a handheld milk frother to create foam easier and faster.

Ingredients (3 puddings)

Milk 350 ml
Sugar 80 gram
Heavy cream 200 ml
Green tea powder 1 table spoon
Gelatin powder 5 gram
Pickled cherry blossoms 20 gram
Dried raspberries A pinch



1.Shake the pickled cherry blossoms to remove extra salt before putting them into fresh water. Mix gently.

2.Remove from water and dry the petals on dry paper towel. The stem can have a bitter aftertaste so remove if any.

3.Add the dried cherry blossoms in milk, and heat it over low heat. Be careful not to overheat it. When you start seeing bubbles at the edge, put the pot aside and let it cool.

4.Use a strainer to remove the cherry blossoms. You’ll need to save about 250 ml for the  pudding and the remaining will be used for making foam milk.

5.Let’s prepare the pudding first. Add all the green tea power, sugar and gelatin powder into the milk saved for pudding above and mix well over low heat. To avoid clumps from forming, sift the green tea powder well before adding.

6.Add heavy cream and mix well.

7.Pour mixture into a pudding cup and let it sit for at least 3-4 hours.

8.Using a frother, create foam milk with the remaining milk.

9.Place the foam milk on top of the pudding and add your favorite topping. Serve and enjoy this springtime dessert!

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